The protection and secure processing of your data is of the highest importance to us.

Taxfix complies with all rules and regulations of the European and German data protection law. Security protocols for our entire company, our services and products have been tested and certified according to international standards.

Data transfer with Taxfix is secure. Tax information is encoded in a complex way and only then is it stored. The transmission of tax returns to the tax offices is also carried out via encrypted connections. Taxfix is a certified ELSTER partner and uses the official ELSTER interface of the tax authorities for transmission in accordance with ┬ž 3 of the Tax Data Transmission Ordinance (Steuerdaten-├ťbermittlungsverordnung).

All data and information will only be requested for processing the tax return and will be stored and processed in accordance with our privacy policy. Taxfix only transfers user data to the tax office if you explicitly allow us to do so.

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