To submit your tax return, the Taxfix app uses the official ELSTER interface.

ELSTER ("Electronic Tax Return" - “Elektronische Steuererklärung”) is the official platform of the German tax authorities.

Taxfix is a certified ELSTER partner. We use the ELSTER interface of the tax authorities to submit your tax return. Your data is automatically prepared by Taxfix so that it can be digitally transmitted to your responsible tax office. The transmission of the tax returns to the tax offices is done via encrypted connections.

The transmission is purely electronic.

If you do your tax return with Taxfix, it is no longer necessary to print out the return, sign it and send it by mail to your tax office.

Taxfix is approved as a licensed software provider and is allowed to transmit third-party tax returns to the tax offices without a signature. A document that you can upload in the app serves to verify your identity. This process is equivalent to your signature.

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