With the pre-filled tax return you save a lot of time and can avoid mistakes in data entry. We have compiled a list covering the most important questions so that you can use this function easily and conveniently:


What is pre-fill information?

The tax office stores relevant data which is transmitted to them electronically by employers and insurance companies. This includes information on salaries and certain insurance contributions. With your permission this information can be auto-populated into your tax return, saving you time and effort while improving the accuracy of your filing. We offer this feature by getting your consent to get your tax data from financial authorities.

Will I be charged any additional costs for using this service?

No, the data retrieval for the pre-filled tax return does not incur any additional costs for you.

How secure is the pre-filled tax return?

Taxfix complies with all rules and regulations of the European and German data protection law. For prefill data retrieval we use the official ELSTER interface of the tax authorities. All data and details are only requested for the purpose of processing your tax returns and are stored and processed in accordance with our privacy policy.

What information is needed to provide my consent?

We will need your full name, address, date of birth, and tax ID (Steuer-ID) to get your consent to gather your pre-fill information. You can easily give us your consent for data retrieval via the account menu in our app.

What happens after I provide my consent?

Once you provide consent, we will submit it to your tax office. They will respond by sending you a code to your mailing address that will allow you to activate pre-fill in our app.

How long will this process take?

Once you submit your consent, we will send it to your tax office for activation. The activation code will be generated and mailed to you within 1-2 weeks. You have 90 days to activate the pre-fill by entering the activation code in the Taxfix app. Once pre-fill is activated, Taxfix can fetch your tax information for your tax return.

Following this, each upcoming season, we will be able to retrieve your pre-fill data so it's ready for you when you're ready to file. We will always notify you through email and in-app to let you know once your pre-fill data is ready.

I have already started filling out my tax return

After activation you can choose whether you want to use the tax office data or the data you have already entered. The pre-filled data from the tax office includes your annual payslip.

Can the pre-fill information be corrected?

Yes, you can correct the information in your tax return after data retrieval.

Can I state other expenses in my pre-filled tax return?

Of course. You are able to include further details by manually entering these into the app. You can enter additional data which is not already available to the tax office, such as income-related expenses, medical costs as well as other relevant expenses.

I have already filed my current tax return

Don't worry - if your tax return has already been submitted, you don't have to do anything more. Your code is valid for 90 days, so you can still use it to activate data retrieval for future tax returns. You can simply enter the code in the account menu of the app.

I don't want to activate data retrieval, is this possible?

Yes, you can cancel the data retrieval in the app or do nothing. Your code will automatically expire after 90 days. You can still sign up again for the next year if you wish to do so.

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