You can enter some types of building savings contracts (Bausparverträge) in your tax return. We have listed them clearly for you here and show you how you can enter them in the Taxfix app.

Which building savings contracts can I claim for tax purposes?

Building savings contracts can be claimed on your tax return if they are Riester building savings contracts ("Wohn-Riester"). Under certain circumstances, you can claim the contributions paid in as special expenses.

If contributions are paid into a building savings contract through your employer, you can use these so-called savings plan payments (vermögenswirksame Leistungen) to claim the employee saving subsidy (Arbeitnehmersparzulage).

How can I enter my building savings contract in the Taxfix app?

As a Riester building society contract:

If it is a so-called Riester building savings contract, you can enter these contributions in the "Finances" category as a Riester pension.

You will receive a certificate of the Riester building society contract from the insurance provider. If you do not find a certificate in your documents, you can also ask your insurance provider and request the certificate.

You can find out exactly how to enter your Riester contributions in the Taxfix app in this article.

As saving plan payments:

In the case of building savings contracts into which you pay via your employer, simply answer the question about savings plan payments in the "Finances" category in the affirmative.

We do not explicitly ask you about your contributions, because these are usually already available to the tax office due to the electronic transmission to the tax authorities by the provider. If you have further questions or doubts, you can ask your employer or the provider of the contract.

You can find further information on savings plan payments in this article.

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