Have you taken out a student loan and are unsure whether you can declare it on your tax return? We explain what you can deduct and how you can enter the costs in the Taxfix app.

Can I deduct the repayments on my loan?

Usually, the repayment instalments for the student loan are due after you have completed your studies and started your first job. These are repayments of the loan you previously received. Therefore, you cannot deduct these repayments from your taxes.

Can I claim the interest on my student loan?

In contrast to the instalments, you can include the interest on your loan in your tax return - either as income-related expenses or as special expenses.

If you took out a loan to finance your first degree, you can deduct the interest as special expenses.

Otherwise, the interest can be claimed as income-related expenses.

How can I declare the interest on the education loan in the Taxfix app?

With a first degree loan, e.g. for a Bachelor

If the loan financed your first degree, you can claim the interest as special expenses.

  • To do so, first enter in the category "Intro questions" that you studied - even if this was no longer the case in the tax year

  • Then indicate in the category "Education" that you have not yet graduated, so that the interest is correctly taken into account as special expenses

  • You can now enter the interest paid in the tax year in "Education"

Loan for further studies, e.g. for a Master:

In this case, you can enter the interest for your student loan in our app in the "Work" category. It will then be taken into account as income-related expenses.

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