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Childcare in the alternating model: how to enter it in the Taxfix app
Childcare in the alternating model: how to enter it in the Taxfix app
Written by Anja Smith
Updated over a week ago

You can enter information on children in the Taxfix app in the category "Family".

You can specify the care of your child in the alternating model (“Wechselmodell”) as follows:

Determine the living situation of your child

Record the basic living situation of your child with the question "Where did your child live?”. Here you can choose several answers. Mark "With only me" and other applicable options, for example "With the other parent", and confirm the selection.

Then record further details of your child's living situation. This includes:

  • the number of households

  • the addresses

  • the period of time your child has lived there. If the alternating model lasted the whole year, the period can cover the whole year (from 01.01. to 31.12.) for each address

Are you considered a single parent?

We also ask whether there were other adults living in the household with you besides your child. With this question, our app checks whether you are a single parent for tax purposes. If you were living with other adults, you can enter details. Children of full age only have to be entered here if they are no longer entitled to child benefit (Kindergeld).

Receiving child benefit - relief amount for single parents

With the question whether you have received child benefit (Kindergeld) for your child, our app finally determines whether you are generally entitled to the relief amount for single parents (Entlastungsbetrag für Alleinerziehende). If you select "yes" here, the relief amount will be taken into account if you were a single parent.

As a rule, the single parent with whom the child is registered as the main resident has this claim. This also applies if the child is cared for by both parents in an alternating model.

If the child is cared for in approximately the same way, the parents can decide between themselves who should be entitled to the relief amount. If the parents do not determine this, the parent to whom the child benefit is paid receives it.

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