With occupational pension provision (Betriebliche Altersvorsorge), your employer supports you in making provisions for the time of retirement or possible occupational disability. Besides an additional pension, occupational pension provision also offers tax and social security benefits in the savings phase.

The usual model of occupational pension provision is the “Brutto-Entgeltumwandlung”: Your contributions are deducted directly from your gross salary and paid into the pension scheme. In this case, the deducted contributions reduce your gross taxable salary and your social security contributions.

Since the contributions to the occupational pension scheme are already tax-privileged when paid in, you cannot additionally claim them on your tax return. The contributions are therefore not queried separately in the Taxfix app.

The occupational pension only becomes tax-relevant in the payout phase, i.e. in retirement; however, these tax cases are not yet supported by Taxfix.

Contributions to other types of old-age provision or supplementary provision can be entered in the Taxfix app in the "Finances" section. As not all contracts are tax-deductible, your insurance may not be available for selection.

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