Many expenses incurred in connection with pregnancy can be claimed as extraordinary burdens for tax purposes. We show you which costs you can deduct and how you can enter them in the Taxfix app.

You can deduct these costs


  • for medication and examinations (proof of medical necessity is required. Your doctor should issue a certificate for this)

  • for artificial insemination

  • for medically prescribed baths, massages and gymnastics

  • for the midwife, the doctor giving birth and the hospital

Course fees

  • for medically prescribed gymnastics during pregnancy

  • for antenatal classes

Travel costs

  • for preventive examinations

  • for pregnancy gymnastics

  • to antenatal classes

  • to the hospital for delivery

If you drive your own car, you can deduct the travel expenses as if it were a business trip. You deduct 30 cents for each kilometre driven to and from the hospital.

Non-deductible costs

Not deductible, however, are costs for maternity and baby clothes or for furnishing a baby's room. These are general living expenses that you cannot include in your tax return.

Did you pay for the costs yourself?

You can only deduct your own expenses. If your health insurance or employer has paid for the costs, you cannot deduct them.

The health insurance usually covers a large part of the costs of treatment. This includes certain preventive examinations and antenatal classes. If you have additional examinations, the health insurance company will only pay for them if they are due to a high-risk pregnancy.

How are pregnancy costs treated for tax purposes?

Your costs for pregnancy and birth are deductible as extraordinary burdens (außergewöhnliche Belastungen). These are unavoidable expenses that you incur for health reasons, for example.

However, there is an obstacle with extraordinary burdens: they only have a tax-reducing effect if you exceed your reasonable burden limit. This is individual and depends on the total amount of your income, your family status and the number of your children. You can find more information on this in our article on extraordinary burdens.

How to enter the costs in the Taxfix app

You can enter the costs you incurred during your pregnancy in the Taxfix app in the "Health" category.

Our app asks for all relevant costs and automatically takes into account applicable lump sums, such as for travel costs. Your reasonable burden limit is also taken into account when calculating your tax.

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