Insurance protects us in the event of an emergency. The costs incurred for this can be deducted from your tax return. Here you can find out which insurance contributions you can claim against tax and how to declare them in the Taxfix app.


Insurance contributions as special expenses

Insurance contributions as income-related expenses

Which insurances are not deductible?

How to enter your insurance contributions in the Taxfix app

Insurance contributions as special expenses

You can deduct insurance contributions from your tax return as part of your special expenses. These include:

  • Statutory health insurance

  • Statutory pension insurance

  • Riester pension, Rürup insurances

  • Long-term care insurance

  • Unemployment insurance

  • Liability insurance (also motor vehicle)

  • Supplementary health insurance (e.g. dental insurance)

  • Employment and occupational disability insurance

  • Term life insurance

However, these insurances can only be deducted up to a maximum amount of 1,900 Euros. This amount is doubled for married couples. The Taxfix app automatically takes these limits into account when calculating your tax.

You will quickly approach the limit of 1,900 euros, as the contributions to statutory health, unemployment, pension and long-term care insurance that are listed on your annual payslip are also included here. If they exceed the maximum amount, you can no longer deduct further insurances from your taxes as special expenses. However, if the insurances are work-related, they can be deducted as income-related expenses.

Insurance contributions as income-related expenses

If the insurance covers professional risks, you can deduct them as income-related expenses. There is no maximum limit and you can deduct the full amount from your taxes. Once the lump sum for income-related expenses of 1,000 euros have been reached, each individual euro has a tax-reducing effect.

Examples of insurance policies as income-related expenses:

  • Professional legal expenses insurance

  • Professional liability insurance

  • Professional accident insurance

As a rule, property insurance, such as household insurance, cannot be deducted from taxes. However, if they are necessary for your job, you can include them in your tax return as income-related expenses. For example, if you have a tax-approved study, you can deduct a portion of the annual contributions for household insurance.

Which insurances are not deductible?

The following insurances are not tax deductible:

  • Building and household insurance (pro rata deduction only possible in the case of a study)

  • Bicycle insurance

  • Comprehensive car insurance (Kaskoversicherung)

  • Luggage and travel cancellation insurance

  • Endowment insurance taken out as of 1.1.2005

How to enter your insurance contributions in the Taxfix app

You can enter your contributions to health, long-term care, unemployment and pension insurance, which are noted in your annual payslip, by simply entering the data from your annual payslip in the "Income" category. They are then automatically taken into account by the app when calculating your tax.

You can enter supplementary health insurance in the "Health" category.

All other insurances are entered in our app in the category "Finances". Since not all policies are tax-deductible, your insurance may not be available for selection in the app.

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