If you are a member of a professional chamber through your work, you are obliged to join the respective pension scheme (Versorgungseinrichtung / Versorgungswerk) and are compulsorily insured through it. You can claim your contributions as special expenses against tax.

How to enter your contributions in the Taxfix app

If your contributions to the occupational pension scheme are listed on your annual payslip, you enter them in the "Income" category when you enter the data from your annual payslip.

If your contributions are not on your annual payslip, you enter them in the "Finances" category as “Extra payment to public pension (not on payslip)”.

If your employer pays its share to you and you then transfer the total contribution to the occupational pension institution, only your contribution share must be entered in the "Finances" category and not the total amount transferred. Please note that in these cases the annual statement usually contains the total contribution and the employer's share must be deducted by you. The employer's share is noted in your annual payslip in line 22b and is recorded in the Taxfix app when you enter the data of your annual payslip.

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