The Taxfix app calculates your travel costs based on the distance between your home and your place of work. The calculated kilometres allow the app to use the appropriate travel allowance to calculate your costs.

Having trouble entering the addresses or can't find them?

We will show you how to proceed:

  • First enter the street in the address field. The house number does not have to be entered here

  • As soon as the street has been entered, a drop-down menu should appear in which the street is listed. It is possible that several search results in different locations will be displayed here

  • Scroll down the menu and select the street in the appropriate town by tapping on it. The address will then be taken over

  • Based on the address data, our app calculates the distance in kilometres between your home and place of work in order to calculate the allowance

  • If the system can't find your address, you can also enter a nearby address

  • You then have the option of manually correcting the calculated number of kilometres. To do so, go to the km field below the displayed map, correct the value manually and then click on "Confirm"

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