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Commute to work: This is how you enter your field work - even with a logbook
Commute to work: This is how you enter your field work - even with a logbook
Written by Anja Smith
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If you are away from home, you can claim higher travel costs and also deduct additional expenses for meals. If your employer does not reimburse such expenses tax-free, they can be deducted as income-related expenses.

Detailed information on field service and the kilometre allowance applicable to field service can be found here.

How to enter your field service in the Taxfix app

Field service trips can be entered in our app in the "Work" category.

When asked about the place of work, select the option "External workplace".

If you travelled with a company car, you cannot claim the trips in the field for tax purposes. In this case, you will not be asked about your commute.

If you did not use a company car for field work, the app will ask you for your journeys in order to calculate the costs.

You can record the number of your various commutes and, if applicable, absences. The app then automatically calculates the corresponding kilometre and meal allowance. If you travelled by train, bus or plane, you can enter your actual costs for tickets.

Entering many trips in the field (logbook)

If you had many different journeys with your private car in the field, it may take a lot of effort to enter these journeys separately in the Taxfix app. In this case, you can calculate the travel costs yourself and enter them as a separate cost item. Proceed as follows:

  • Select "External workplace" as the place of work

  • State that you were only travelling with a company car. This means that the route is not queried

  • Then enter all absences, if any. Our app automatically calculates the per diem for meals

  • Follow the course of the questions and enter any other work-related costs that apply to you

  • In the question for "other work-related costs", select "Other costs" and enter the total amount of travel expenses you have calculated for the year. We explain the calculation of costs using the kilometre allowance here

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